The Online Marine Radio Course
The Online Marine Radio Course allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Certificate exam regardless of where you live
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The final process to obtain your LROCP or SROCP certificate is for all candidates to sit a closed book multiple choice 50 question exam in the presence of a registered Invigilator.

Invigilators are appointed by the The Office of Maritime Communications. If you enrol in the online course only there will be additional costs to pay for the final LROCP or SROCP exam papers (currently $83.00) and Invigilators may charge reimbursement for his/her out of pocket costs.

An Invigilator's job is to organise the exam papers, ensure the exam is conducted in accordance with the guidelines, and return the completed exam papers, with the exam papers fee, for marking and processing.

An Invigilator does not mark the exam. The will oversee the exam process and then seal the papers and send return to the Office of Maritime Communications for marking. The required pass mark is 70%. - 35 correct questions.

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