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In short the answer is Yes! A Marine Radio Licence is required if you are operating Marine VHF Radios (known as Short Range - SROCP) and/or MF/HF Radios (known as Long Range - LROCP). The licence has nothing to do with whether the vessel is recreational or commercial, the size of vessel or where the vessel is operated.

If you currently have a Marine VHF and/or MF/HF Radio onboard your vessel and you do not have a Marine Radio Licence you will find that it will be necessary to obtain a licence if you intend to up grade your radio to the popular and much preferred Digital Selective Call (DSC) type of radio. To access the full features of these radio requires the radio to be registered and the issue of a Marine Mobile Service Identity number (MMSI). To obtain an MMSI you need to provide your Marine Radio Licence number.

If you intend obtaining a commercial qualification such as a Coxswain or Master <24 or higher you need to have the licence anyway however it is simply about and having the knowledge to operate Marine VHF and/or MF/HF Radios.

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